Like Zoinks!

It’s such an awesome time of the year, time for scary movies and haunted houses.  FUN!

I went out the other night to do some long exposure (5+ minute) photos.

Before I went out to take the pics, I met up with Kevin, Libby, Travis, Crysta and David at Shakespeare’s Pizza.


I didn’t eat or drink anything which is totally unfortunate haha.  It was sure good to see all my old friends who I had not seen in a while.  Libby looked fabulous, love the hair girl!  And Kevin is always fun to hang out with, one of those old friends that no matter how long you spend apart, you pick up right where you left off.

Dave and Crysta came along with me to take the pics.  It is so much more fun to have people go with you, especially when they sing N’Sync and Blu Cantrel with you as you drive haha.

They spotted this house as we drove around, it sure is hallowing isn’t 😉




What do you think?  This is just a start.  Tonight Micheal is going to join me as I take a bunch more of these long exposure pictures.

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7 thoughts on “Like Zoinks!

  1. Sweet! Sigh. I really need to buy my own tripod one of these days. My brother is getting tired of me borrowing his.

    Dave2s last blog post…Fair

  2. Ah! I love those last 2 pics!!! The one with the Dead End sign just invokes sooo much imagination about traveling that road, and the shadows cast onto the road by the trees? Awesome!

    The last one speaks for itself with that cloud on the right, but I also love that the tree almost looks like it has a face (top right). I like the angle as well as the blackness near the cars.

    Oh, and on the first one: the yellow of the trees with the purple of the sky – gorgeous.

    Excellent as always.

    Karens last blog post…Ouch

  3. Yeah, I love the picture of the house. It has the whole Halloween atmosphere, without becoming cheesy like a lot of Halloween-esque things

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