Living Situation

I am loving my living situation.  Kevin is an amazing roommate, scandelous, fun and a great guy to be on your side of the devious acts needing to be done.

I have met some new people out here, I have missed most of my old people but that I’m sure will change.

The school is not giving me my money like there were supposed to.  It is equally making me mad and scared at the same time.  It is the reason I moved back here…  I sure as hell better get it.

Landon and I have made up mostly.  For that I’m very greatful.  I was stupid as usual, ignorant is probably a better term.

We’re off to lunch at Moe’s!  Ciao babes!

One thought on “Living Situation

  1. Now that you have another Kevin in your life (cries) you need to dissable the automatic link that comes up on your journal every time you type “Kevin”. While your new Kevin might have gotten you, he’s not getting my website damn it!

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