Lomo Photography

A friend from Cali who I didn’t even know was into photography, has really impressed me with his online portfolio. He is ridiculously talented, just really fantastic. He does this thing called Lomo Photography or Lomography, based on the result of using a crappy film camera from Russia and the wrong processing methods; but seems it became a cult favorite with the artsy types.

I love when any photo exploits contrast and saturation, hence my strong interest in HDR. I did my own Lomo today, not with as great of results has he has arrived to, but meh, it will do. The second one is definitely better than the first.




I tried it again with this guy and it definitely worked a bit better. It is almost like HDR though… I wonder if I could mix the two and make something really cool

I guess first, I need to figure out how to do HDR properly since all of my attempts so far have been kinda crappy.

By the way, these pictures are from the neo-Nazi rally that happened here in Columbia this weekend, it was pretty interesting. I will be posting more pictures and stories later, of course.

I wish I had the time and abilities to just spend a few weeks traveling around taking pictures and creating something really neat with them. I feel like here in Columbia I’m stuck on some sort of island, everything I want is beyond these shores.

Oh well, for now I will just have to do my best making the mid-west pretty… I will have to get some serious Photoshop skills for that one!


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