Look, It’ Seth the Blogger Guy

So looks like there’s finally a date for MMS on the iPhone, and this is straight from Seth, you know, the blogger guy from AT&T.

It’s pretty cool when a company does something like this.  And despite Seth, aka Mr. Slanty Head, being a bit of a square, I like him.  It’s kinda like Comcast‘s @Comcastcares guy who scours Twitter for people having trouble with their service.

Some other awesome, and actually awesome not like AT&T is cool, companies on Twitter are @AdoramaPix @KlipschAudio @PitchEngine and @SmugMug.  They listen to their praises and complaints and really use Twitter to reach customers on a level we’ve not seen before.

Way to go and hooray for MMS on the iPhone.  I’m pretty sure between @ok2baprincess (Karen) and I, AT&T is going to have a heck of a time keeping their system up and running 😛

Oh yeah and I think Seth could use some eye drops.  Call Ben Stein and get some Visine.  Looks like your eyes want to escape your head.

Oh wait, maybe you got your AT&T iPhone bill and simply can’t believe how much you’re paying!

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2 thoughts on “Look, It’ Seth the Blogger Guy

  1. ive been MMS'ing on my unlocked and jailbroken iphone since 3.0 came out

    honestly maybe it's my service or just something in my settings, but im not that impressed… it often seems the iphone degrades the quality of the incoming picture… then again it could just be other people's phones too…

  2. well, I wouldn't judge the quality if it's jailbroken, no way to ensure everything is working right.

    So far, I haven't seen any degradation of image quality, except from ppl with shitty phones. I wonder what pics from like an 12 megapixel Nokia or something looks when sent as MMS to the iPhone…

    Just need TwitPic to let us MMS images to them now!

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