Mama’s Boy

Last night, Micheal, Max and I watched the movie, Mama’s Boy starring Diane Keaton who looked absolutely fabulous and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).  Perhaps the best part was Jeff Daniels (aka Uncle Joey from Full House) and Laura Knightlinger from the most awesome show, The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman.

It’s a movie about a 29 year old kid living at home with his widowed mother, his attachment to her, his nepotism, and his inability to socialize with others.  Basically, it is about my ex boyfriend Seth.  Seriously though, we really enjoyed the movie.

We all really liked it.  You should rent it, and then let me borrow it so I can rip it.  haha.  We rented it in HD off my AppleTV.  The movie paired with some “cheap” good veggie pizza equals awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Mama’s Boy

  1. Please tell me you worked at Starbucks at some point in your life, b/c the only place I’ve ever heard the “pairs well with…” is when I worked at Sbux.

  2. Dude, go back in time a bit, I LIVED for Starbucks for years.  I was their best employee (if I might say so myself) and I changed the “Standard” for how they make cappiccino (check the new books hehe)

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