Mamma Mia… eBay grrr

So I had purchased Mamma Mia tickets last like September from for the KC showing right? Well I bought them because around that same time a year ago I had gotten the Mamma Mia CD for Geoff. I thought that going back to how things were before we ever had problems would help the relationship. I kept it a secret that I was going to break out as a Valentine’s gift for him.

Anyways, we all know how that worked out. So after he broke up with me I sold the tickets on eBay. I feel stupid because I should have just given the tickets to him instead but I guess I was just really upset. At least he could have enjoyed the concert with whoever he chose but I just hated the thought that he would be going with someone that was not me.

Oh well. Otherwise we would be heading off there right now. It is astounding how things can change so much, so quickly.

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