Market, House Party, Coffee Bizaar, SRJC and the Like

I headed out to the market after a vigorous workout to browse the kiosks. Apparently this happens every Wednesday here in Downtown.

Funny thing… I had been talking about wanting Lavender, well I got some!

It was there, right before me, $3.00 a bushel, $5.00 for two. I just got one, figured one should do the trick. I love my little lavender, makes me smile. It has a fabulous personality.

I also picked up a new bag. It is my workout bag and it is fabulous haha. It was a cheap buy and a perfect fit for my gym clothes and accessories.

We had a bit of a party here the other night. Wine, music and card games. It was mostly a great time. There was some unecessary drama at the end of the get-together. Alas, I guess nothing can be perfect. Even still, why not try for perfection?

Met some really great girls (yes!) and a great guy, Nick.

I did laundry yesterday, a LOT of work of laundry, and hit up the little cafe right next door.

There were two people working there, and three others dining. One of the workers came up to me, touched my back and told me that I was beautiful… I blushed like fucking Christian Dior! LoL! He looked very much like Jake Shears. He was really nice. I also met a great girl, getting her masters in Cultural Survey (Cultural Anthropology/Archaeology). We chatted for a little over an hour, had a great time there.

Last night I headed out to Aroma’s, bumped into some girls I had seen there once before and joined them to play pool. It was a pretty fun time, sadly this guy who I met last time I was with them came to… He was nice enough the first time, but ugh. The girls are trying to hook us up, which will totally not happen, for several reasons. First off, he is a republican and his views on the social efforts from the NAACP, SCLC and NWP are disgusting. Secondly, he is beyond a simple racist. Calling Arabs Ay-rabs (which is terribly derogatory) and speaking of how they are sneaky and forward, how you cannot trust them, etc. Thirdly, he does not value education. His ex boyfriend (of two years) was raised in a household that put education amoung almost everything else. His boyfriend was “Chinese” (which is the term he uses for anyone of Asian descent) and his reasoning for breaking up with him, “I was tired of eating fucking rice all the time”. The words he used… I cannot stand to be in the company of such people. He was ruining my night, so I stood up and walked away. Why do people like him exist?

On a lighter note. I hit up the SRJC to register for classes today. Had a few hiccups, hopefully we can smooth them out.

The campus is beautiful, secluded and yet in the middle of the city.

Time for the macro shot of some flowers!

After the SRJC I ran some errands around Santa Rosa and Sonoma, fun drive! Such beautiful landscapes are abundant out here. After that I headed to… Aroma’s! haha

They were roasting the beans today, oh the glorious smell of freshly roasted beans!

I met a really great gay couple there, two older men. I want them to adopt me! LoL! And then this hot hot hot computer nerdy, yet muscular jock type, guy came up to me. We chatted about my laptop, the future of java as a programming language, the power of Linux and its integration of ssh… It was a fun conversation. He gave me his numbas hehe. His name is David* and looked like a modern Michelangelo’s David*. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saw a funny sticker on a bike rack today.

I am about to move all of my images over to another folder. Thought of so many reasons to do so. It is going to be a bitch to do but, meh, who cares!

Nick is coming over to watch Garden State so I need to clean up a bit.

Oh, I had the most amazing ice cream (first ice cream since leaving Houston) at Coffee Bizaar. It was a berry blend, oh so yummy. Frozen yogourt actually… So I guess I still have not had ice cream hehe. Not since Columbia! My ice cream in H-Town was frozen yogourt as well.

Ok, I am done with this little update. Please vote for my blog over on the right. The two links are top two under the “I can’t get enough”. More votes I get, the more… well it helps my ego a bit hehe.

Oh, and another thing. I added a ad on my site, meh won’t make money but makes me feel special. I found it interesting that for the past two days it has been advertising medicines for ppl who have sleeping problems. Too much or too little sleep. It totally knows me haha.

I am dying to get the Anna Nalick cd, thought I had it! However I did splurge and get the new Coldplay CD (gonna post my fav song from that) and some fabulous French music. Most importantly, I have been listening more closely to Rachael Yamagata, must post a song from her. These will be added laterz

I’m out!

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