McCain’s Concession Speech

A graceful, well spoken and honest speech.  I can’t think of anything he could have done to make this speech more reverent.  It is a shame that his voters who stood in the crowd before him did not show the same respect.  I think he now realizes his failure was in dividing America, instead of uniting America.  We have been divided for some time now and as such, we can never be successful.

Note Palin as she fights back the tears.  You’re a strong woman but not a leader.

Here’s the speech.

[flv:McCain_Concession.flv 500 336]

3 thoughts on “McCain’s Concession Speech

  1. I agree, I thought this was a great concession speech. He showed tonight what disappeared in his campaign…the real John McCain. I can’t say that I ever agreed with him, but at least he was kind of “Mavericky” taking on his party and the far right. To see him throw that away for this campaign was embarrassing and I doubt his reputation will ever be the same as it once was and his legacy has forever been stained.

    Brandons last blog post…Blog Culture Box: Election Day Special Edition

  2. This was a great speech and it is really shameful that the audience wasn’t more respectful.

    I would have seriously considered McCain in 2000. He historically put country and principles above party. But then in this campaign he reversed his postions – for example, his valid opinion of Falwell and Robertson (and later Hagee) as agents of intolerance – which they are – and embraced them in a wan effort to capture the votes of the evangelicals who always viewed him as too liberal.

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