Me, Last Night

you know that michael jackson disease? i have that…. oh no! haha, the skin one!

That was from a guest on David Letterman last night haha.

I took a picture of what I wore last night to the coffee shop. It was a bit risky but I thought any attention brought my way would be good attention one way or the other.

I think I looked cute… I hope I did at least. I got attention for sure, but no one went up to me except this group of girls. Really hot girls who knew I was shy because they heard me say so to Jenny on the phone last night haha.

Oh well, what can you do right?

I am back in the first coffee house, Sonoma COffee Company, their internet is working for me now. Oh, and I am completely alone now, my grandfather is on his way back to Texas. And I move up here May first, well that is the plan at least. When I come back… who knows.

I really want a smoothie, they have incredible smoothies here. I need to be looking for a job though. I want to have several options before I settle with one.

Took some pictures of flowers last night

Off to the classifieds!

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