Meatballs and Bubbley

Last night, Jeana, Kayla, Anthony and I hung out for a bit, drank some wine, ate some fabulous bread from a quaint Healdsburg bakery and listened to music.  Anthony had to leave, sad, right as we started making dinner.  We made spegetti and meat balls, caesar salad and parmesan garlic bread.  I brought the champange and desert, a six layer chocolate cake and delicious vanilla ice cream to partner.

We had a blast cooking, and even more fun eating!

After dinner, we deserted the table for the sitting room and ate our cake and ice cream, drank some more of this fabulous Champagne Veuve Clicquot.   It is such a light champange, just floats down your throat, be careful!  Peachy taste to it…

Coincidentally, it was the same champange that the gals were drinking on the episode of Sex in the City we were watching!

Sleep time!  Muah

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