Media Frenzy

I was just talking about this to my brother.  The media have such a way of throwing the facts around.  He used the movie Jarhead as his example, I am using this article.

Since when did this equate to a trend?

2002 1 death
2003 1 death
2004 1 death
2005 3 deaths

That is like saying that in just one year, the number of deaths due to teenaged driving has increased three-fold.  It is misleading.

Same article…

If you read the headline, it says that mixing teenaged drivers with teenaged riders is a “dangerous mix”.  Um, the more teenagers in a car, the less likely there will be an accident. You show it on your very own graph!

This is all politics to get a bill passed to keep 16 year old drivers off the road, well, any driver under 18.  I’m not for or against it, I drove when I was young and did’nt have an accident until I was twenty-one years old!  Bah.

3 thoughts on “Media Frenzy

  1. I want to see the other blurred graph! What are you trying to hide from us justy?!
    The focused graph only includes teenage passengers, it reads nothing of the driver, who will be the person participating most in the crash. bah!

    Merry Christmas!

    William John.

  2. for a few minutes i thought the article read ‘a fatal trend in sodomy country’, and i was looking at the map where all the “events” happened. meh. i’m a boob.

    William John

  3. “for a few minutes i thought the article read ‘a fatal trend in sodomy country’,”

    now that’s a trend I could be apart of!

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