I have a new job, sorta.  I’m building a website for MegaplexSpa, now called MegaplexGym.  I’m going to be doing their web design and ad design, if they like what I have created.

Check it out and PLEASE leave me a comment or five about it.

14 thoughts on “MegaplexGym

  1. Dude, love the design! So when Mike and I come out you’re going to give us a tour, right… hehe

  2. Very stunning, color choices are great… most definitely a different (and much better) brand identity for that business. Love the splash page in particular.

  3. well done. it’s simple and clean, but still very bold and eye-catching. nice job.

  4. Hmmm… the photos make me WANT to come to this gymnasium in the middle of nowhere, but gas prices, you know, they’re, um, kind of high. What else can you do to entice me to join?

  5. I still love the design but where are the new entries? It’s not like you to go for DAYS without an update. I’m up to three comments on this entry now… if you don’t update soon I might have to leave five comments! 🙂 Yay for lunch on Thursday!!!

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