I am listening to Bitch – Lie. I love this song. Kisses Geoff!!! He introduced me to this whole world of music. Thanks darling.

I went to see and listen to Seth DJ. He did a fabulous job! Sounded great, kinda like my car whenever he rode with me haha. Even still, he did a great job and looked fantastic.

Seriously, everyone should date and then break up with me, I am so nice to you when we break up haha.

I spent most of my time outside of Michelle’s trying to find someone I knew that was’nt busy smoking or talking or already dancing.

I bumped into a girl from my “law” class. She grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the dance floor and started dancing. It was a lot of fun, she was trying to make Seth jealous, somehow I don’t think that would work haha… Whatever, it was fun to dance.

I hung out with Mike and Kevin, imagine that. I feel so stupid. I always end up not paying for things or all of everything, tonight I had cash for food, I had planned to buy them dinner but it did’nt work out that way and instead it was bought for me, all I had were twenties. Argh! I know Kevin reads this… lemme buy you dinner or lunch or at least provide you with some sort of payment……… growl!

I love this. I have downloaded my blog’s sound track, it is really quite good. I am really loving it.

SteveZ and I had this fabulous conversation, a really long one, the other night. We talked about everything. From Klipsch to penises to love to cars to roller coasters and to married men. But we did’nt stop there, we talked about camera phones, alcohol, love some more… It was a hella great conversation.

In other news, Andrew was himself, Chicago Andrew. Bah

Jenny is 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have this dream. Waking life?

Time for sleep, kisses!!!

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