Mizzou Forte Takes on Washington University

I see now why Geoff has liked Washington University so much for so long. The only time I have ever been to WashU prior to this weekend was for Mardi Gras 2005. It was a big mistake. I had pneumonia and was still dealing with the breakup; got there really late that night and left around 2am for Columbia. It was a wreck of a weekend.

Well, enough anectoting… New(ish) word(ish), use it.

Last weekend I went with Mizzou Forte to WashU for the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.





This is a singing competition for the top a cappella groups around the country and we were at the regional semi-championship.


While we didn’t win the competition, we ended the night with winning spirit!  We did a really great job, it was exciting and we learned a lot.  The other acts were fantastic and I really believe the winning act deserved it!


Seriously, this campus is beautiful!




Kinda reminds me of Versailles…

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