More Flower Pictures!

So there you go, lots of pictures, what’s new?

I say that a lot… hmmm

I am back at Aroma Roasters, live music, folk, fun, nice. Lots of awesome people here, Jim is trying to coach me to talk to some but I am too much of a pussy. Wow, probably the first time I ever wrote Pussy, on my journal.

I had a great dinner, again, with my grandfather, and just a wonderful afternoon. I got to talk to Dave, Jenny, Jim and Landon. My talk with Landon was the longest and a really great one. I bought some movies today and just browsed the town. It was an absolute blast. I would make for a grand ol’ drifter.

I have seen way too many beautiful people here, makes one want to starve or get liposuction. Hmmm, how much is liposuction.

Right now I am surrounded by hot gay guys and their keepers. I hate it haha. Even some of the old gays are hot. I woudl totally do the one in the corner haha. I sound like a whore. I actually invisioned myself getting fucked by some random guy while here… I really want to do it now and that is totally out of character for me. I could totally go for a quickie right now LMAO.

A table of emo girls sits next to me. They are all eating ice cream, so cut, so attractive, so … so there! I wish I was there haha. Instead I am here and becoming anxious to someday be over there. Or on the lap of the hot guy across from me.

Ghansta Queens… (gay mafia is for reals here)

Hmmm, guess I should post this and get to the people here… Ciao babes!


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