MU Bookstore Calls Some Losers

On the front page of the University of Missouri’s Bookstore site sits this image.


What is interesting enough about this picture for me to make a post?  First off, it is reminding us to come return for classes, that we are paying far too much to ignore.  Secondly, what’s up with the all caps?  If you are going to cap everything and then forget to cap the “to” twice, forget to cap the “Be”, “For” and “The”. Keep it consistent with at least one main rule, if you are going to break all the others.

Mostly though, what bothers me about this image is its title.  “loser2_c2.jpg” (c1 and c3 as well)

They named a picture/advert about coming back to school “loser”.  As if those not returning are losers.  Wow.

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