Music Time!

I bought too much music today…

From Babs…
Hello Dolly
Funny Face

Then System of a Down’s new cd
Ani – Knuckle Down

New Belle and Sebastian cd (all their EP’s finally together!)

Plus, the new Gorillaz – Demon Days cd which I has had me on the edge of my seat waiting for it

And finally Geri Halliwell’s new single, Desire.

I have now listened to Barbra singing So Long Dearie nine times in a row. God damn what a great song! Thanks go to Noah for pointing me into Hello Dolly, even if you were dogging it hehe. (Note to Noah, the album has a slightly different intro to the song)

Ok, so what do I do? Need to be in Santa Rosa in three hours, but what now? I have done nothing today haha. I feel like such a waste of a person today. I got out of bed only to shower, and then to iron a shirt. Whoa.

I guess I got up to let in the contractor.

Ok, catch you laters.

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