My Boys

These two boys just light up my life these days. I see them everyday at my apartment and we always have a blast. I am very glad I have them by my side to help me through everything going on with me right now. Jim was the first person I went to when Geoff broke up with me and the first person I talked to about my friend dying. I feel I can trust him so much, it feels nice to have trust and love for someone and know they have it for you.

Right now he is asleep in my living room on the couch. We think he has the chicken pox and that is no good. I talked to a nurse tonight, after doing my own diagnosis, and she agreed with mine, only she felt the ER was in order. Jim and I talked it over and had Jenny give a second opinion. We decided that an Aveeno bath was just as well until tomorrow when the health clinic would open.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to check the status of my pneumonia. I am feeling quite a bit better but I still have the nasty cough and awful sinuses. I dislike the medicines and am angry at Walgreens for not having my inhaler… even at this hour, no inhaler for Justin… Grrrrr.

So the girls had a relatively awful time in St. Louis so I am not so upset that I could not spend it with them. Though I am jealous of them getting to see Les Miserables. I saw it when I was in junior high (or was it high school?) so it is about time I see it again. They loved it and I am glad because if they had’nt, this weekend would have been a total bust for them all.

I want to start doing photography again like I did in junior high and high school. I had so much fun being artistic. As you have seen from the few drawings I have put onto my journal, my art skills are quite lacking. However, I am pretty good at photography. My father taught me quite a bit as a child and through my growing up days.

I really want to write more but I am sick and I have been helping Jim feel more comfortable with his own sickness thing going on. I need to get back to sleep so hopefully I can be super well tomorrow, otherwise I hate to think I would miss Acacia.

But before I go, I feel it is very important to share that I had the most wonderful conversation with my brother over AIM about everything going on right now and he gave me some good, down to Earth, advice regarding Acacia, work, being sick, my friend’s death, Geoff and my French class as well as some financial deals. It was nice to chat with him. I hope that he can get through his rough time as I am working on getting through mine.

Anyways, much love to all.

Joseph, please feel better as well, I love you!

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