My Date!

So last night I went on a date with a really awesome guy.

He is 24, from Jefferson City where the past few years or so he has been working at the capital first for an elected official (a democrat of course hehe) but most recently he worked for a non-profit group out there. Admirable if not just kick ass haha. Right now he is a substitute teacher mostly for a various high schools in JC. He has also done some work at a college or university teaching English, however he most enjoys working at the high schools. The majority of the time spent substituting he works in the special education classes, he really likes it there. It is so nice to meet a refreshing person as he is. He talks constantly about how all the other teachers expect so little from these students because of these various diagnosis given to them, using these disorders as a crutch for the teachers to not have to work as hard.

We were originally going to just get coffee, however, as we left the Artisan for another, less crowded, coffee shop, and finding no other coffee shops not equally crowded, we decided to head to Tellers. The plan was to just get drinks there but once we entered the establishment and heard the specials, we were sold. I had this fantastic pasta dish. It was linguini with whole spinach leaves, mushrooms, salmon and capers with a white wine cream sauce. It was perfect, one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had. It was topped off with a Mantini (Citron, Midori, Pinapple). We ate our dinner and talked for hours there, admiring the artwork, discussing family and ranting about local, national and international politics.

We covered just about every subject I thought possible! It was just fantastic. Around 10:30 we decided to try and get to a coffee shop, hoping they woud be less crowded. Well, turns out most coffee shops close at 11:00 so we did not actually get to one. Instead we went back to my place. I showed him my bedroom, he met Jenny, and then after hanging here for a bit we decided to go back to his car and drive around a bit.

I guess we drove for about an hour before we realized, well, that we had driven for an hour! We did not really go anywhere, just drove around. It was a blast. We talked more, listened to music and just chilled. He dropped me off at my car where I gave histories most awkward goodbye, haha. I asked for a do-over and it turned out that I was back in his car for another 45 minutes!

We finally said goodbye and we both drove home. I had given him a CD and he promised to give me one in return the next time we got to hang out. w00t!

Anyways, gotta go! French oral exam today, yikes!

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