My Humble Abode

Tonight didn’t end as I had planned.  Actually it went completely wrong and I’m still a bit upset which makes me crave change.  So, wanna help me re-arrange my furniture?

Need some suggestions regarding the furniture layout.  Plus this gives a chance for @oseary to see what he can get in Columbia’s District. (Click pic to enlarge)

UPDATE: As requested, here’s a view from the opposite side of the room which includes the bay windows and my computer setup.

So what do you think?  Also, let’s try and figure out where in the hell I’m going to put the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 or whatever replaces it (if that happens at Photokina).  It can be connected through an ethernet cable so I guess I could put it as far away as the where the lamp is to the left of the TV.  I’m at a loss!

UPDATE 2: so, @oseary wants to see the kitchen so why not?

And the bedroom 🙂 Sorry the color is off, just being lazy I guess haha.

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13 thoughts on “My Humble Abode

  1. You want me to take out my old interior design hat do you? 4 semesters of that stuff when I was fresh outta high school. I do have a good eye though. Basically, you’re stuck with the sofa and TV as is because I can’t see where else to put the tv. However, your best bet for change are the chairs. I wouldn’t go the symmetrical route like they are now. I’d angle one in by the books. I can’t see the other wall… so I’m not sure about the 2nd chair and/or the table with chairs…

    Winters last blog post…Is It Friday Yet?

  2. I like your apartment. Love those wooden floors and I see tile in the hallway. What is on the wall we can’t see? Where the grey chair is and the fan is facing. Is it a 1 bedroom? I’d like to look through that bookcase. See what all you have there. See what you like to read.
    Winter is right, unless there is more space in that corner we can’t see.Of course you could just buy all new stuff, I’m kidding.
    Sorry tonight didn’t turn out as planned. Maybe just sleep on the change idea and see how you feel in the morning. Have a good weekend!

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  3. You painted?! Or is it just my imagination that your living room looks so much brighter?

    But the bedroom I know for a fact is different… at least the comforter, etc. Right?

  4. That table needs to be in the bay window… Now, that I think about it, I’d flip that whole room around… seriously. Croissants and coffee from a french press pot with fresh blackberry preserves at that table in the bay window on a fall morning. I’d be major in love with that room. The desk? There’s other windows. It would take me a day to get it all right but I could do it. Too bad I live so far away. I really do have a good eye for this stuff, not that what you’ve done is bad. It’s excellent! And really, the bedroom is to die for.

    Winters last blog post…Round Two

  5. @ Winter:

    Well, the table has been used about ten times in the past year and a half so I’d hate to put it in such prime real estate. Mostly where would the desk go? The desk is what limits room placement for me. I have the 24″ iMac, two 1tb external drives, a laser printer, a Klipsch Heresy speaker system that really needs to face into the room since it fills the entire apartment with beautiful sound, an HP laser printer, an Epson V500 scanner, my Airport Extreme and DSL modem as well as the up and coming Epson Stylus Pro 3800 or whatever Photokina brings.

    I used to have the desk turned so that it faced the room but now with all the extras (scanner, printers, speakers etc) I can’t seem to get it to work that way, cables end up all over the floor.

    It’s almost like I need a different desk but I love that solid wood desk.
    The living room I agree, it is very symmetrical. The TV needs to stay against a wall simply because of the size of the thing and the glare from all of the windows. I had it in the corner before but it just took up so much of my apartment.

    So those are some of the caveats. Do I just need to get a new desk? What about turning that carpet so it went out from the tv instead of sitting wide infront of it? Hmmmm

  6. Well, tables don’t get used if they aren’t in an inviting place. That’s a very typical thing. You have to make tables inviting, make the atmosphere one that invites you to sit and relax and enjoy your meal rather than scarf something on the run while catching a half hour sitcom from your DVR.

    There are ways to work with a big desk that wasn’t designed for technology. As for the TV, I’d have it on the wall where the table is and utilize one of the corners with windows for the desk. You may well have to buy some things to better organize your computer equipment and cables.

    A lot of interior design is the willingness to not let a room stifle you and make you do things a certain way based on the room’s configuration. Look at it again. I’ll bet you can come with some ideas. Also take a look at things that organize your technology. It might inspire you.

    Winters last blog post…Round Two

  7. @ Winter:

    I forgot to write this important detail haha. There is no power on the wall where the table is and no way to add it. All of my walls are SOLID concrete, which is awesome and awful at the same time. I originally wanted the TV over there, I had a flat panel I was going to hang on the wall etc etc. Turns out I can’t since there isn’t any power on the wall. Sucks!!!! But we have our heads in the same place haha.

  8. I agree with Winter, you can run the power cord up and over the door frame, it’s a pain but nice way to hide cord and keep it hidden from site. That way you have power at a wall that doesn’t have any. I was going to suggest moving the TV to the wall where the table and chairs are at. Then like Winter suggested, move the table and chairs to that lovely alcove. Then move the computer setup where the chair and table are by the window. You could change the orientation of the carpet so that it is long ways in front of the TV. Swap the positions of the couch and table so that they face the TV. Per Winter’s suggestion, place the seat that was in the corner by the window over by the book case under the picture. The one in the corner by the AC unit could probably just stay there. As for the lamp that was in the corner by the window, might be able to place it next to couch or wait until dark and see where it would best light up living room.
    Hope we have helped you. What do you think about this arrangement Winter?

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