Need Ta…

So I need to start doing some things…

  • study french for tuesday’s mid-term
  • study india gender class and cast for thursday’s mid-term
  • reconsider working so many jobs
  • get laundry done
  • setup a budget
  • remember that rent is due on the 1st not just some random time of the month…
  • move the car so you don’t get yet another ticket you’re not going to pay
  • reconsider iTunes are you largest monthly expense
  • put that money you took out of your saves, back
  • get some free time so you can start photography again

In no particular order except those first two…

I’m not too proud to say that I preordered the new Matchbox Twenty cd. I haven’t really listened to it so much yet, but I’m sure it’s pretty good. What’s really good, awesome actually, are all the music videos bundled with the purchase. I’m pretty sure I have all of their music videos, or at least all that matter. Say what you like about Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty; they made some great music videos. I’m watching them all as I type this. What a great thing, music videos on demand, thank you AppleTV.

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