Neeeew York!

So on a whim, Landon and I headed to New York, the plan was to have breakfast in central park, however, we missed the two AM bus and had to take the seven AM one instead.

We got into New York around 11:45 and headed to Times Square, then to check on seeing a show. We didn’t see anything too enticing so we headed to Central Park. We had a great stroll through the park, met some cute British gals and went to the Lennon memorial.

Next was GroundZero. What an amazing site. I had not been to NY since 9/11 so this sight was all new to me. Powerful. I got some really cool pics of the place, took some time to take it all in…

Next was shopping; Kenneth Cole, MAC, Century21… We had fun! I didn’t spend any money, even at the FABULOUS Apple store. That place super fun.

Had a Kosher Dog and then more walking and a subway ride to Christopher and pizza, leather shops (haha) and puffed pastry!

More walking, more pictures, more fun.

We ended the day in Little Italy and Chinatown. Now we are on the bus home and I’m gonna take a nap.


One thought on “Neeeew York!

  1. I hope you’ll be posting pictures soon… sounds like a nice trip ! 🙂

    William John.

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