New Rufus/Destiny’s Child/Keren Ann


I just got the new Rufus Wainwright and the new Destiny’s Child and the new Keren Ann albumns… I am super excited to give them listens.

The first song on Rufus is Agnes Deis which is one of his most fabulous songs… and only has like 3 words. It is so beautiful. He has a full orchestra with this albumn on a good number of the songs. Plus it came with the live Filmore concert DVD which has be so wet my body has started leaking (as per Ludacris).

Destiny’s Child is my gamble cd. I know this just might be their last CD and I sure hope they go out with a BANG! Their single Lose My Breath which has been almost over played on the radio. It is a great song and fantastic music video. The girls are together and bare… as the cd cover suggests.

Keren Ann you have probably never heard of. She is a sweet girl… as if I know her haha. I just found out about her, listened to a few songs and bought the CD. I will let you guys know how it is. Cover art will be posted later… just for shits.

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