I realized today that as in the font, newsprint, is also New Sprint… like a new site for…

In other news, my eye is nearly sealed up. So swollen, ouch! Stupid coffee grinds got in it and reaked havoc. It looks just awful, red, swollen and sad.

I put these drops, Rhoto V eye drops. Holiness. They are incredible. Did not do too much to help with the redness but sure made for an interesting experience. Eye drops with menthol in them. What does that do? It makes you cry like a baby, but laugh at the same time. Ever put something freaking ass cold on your eye? That is what it feels like… kinda intoxicating.

Meanwhile though my eye still hurts, damn. Perhaps I will hit up the doctor tomorrow.

Work was a blast today, missed some calls from some people that are super important to me, one person in particular. Hopefully we can connect sometime soon.

A few friends from Bellville have recently (with in the last month) moved to San Francisco! How awesome is this? I cannot wait to hang out with them.

What else?… Had a great time with Seth and Meghan at this American grill. Good eat’n’s!

Time for sleep, I open again (gargh).

Loving you all


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  1. Justin –

    Just catching up with your life via the blog. Happy 21st!! Now you are offically an old man 🙂 I will try and catch you online sometime..looks like you have tons going on.

    Jeff (the other Geoff)

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