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So, my last post was also my first post using my new program for posting to my blog. The program is called w.Bloggar and it is just fabulous. I highly recommend it if you are not stuck on xanga and the sort. I have just started playing with it and I already love it. But since the people/person/non-existence that reads my journal do not care about that kind of stuff…

My day today started pretty shitty. Geoff was having some alarm clock dysfunctions and we accidentally turned off the alarm to wake me up at 8:00 am. So instead of being ready for class at around 8:40, I was waking up at 9:40 and thus missed my Grapes and Wines of the world Class. Normally I would not have cared, but today, in class, the professor was supposed to give us five questions and five answers that will be on the exam that we cannot get any other way than going to class today. Geoff and I are scheming plans to get these questions and answers. hehe

Never-the-less, I met up with Geoff for lunch today at Eva’s. Is it me or is dining hall food just getting worse every day? I don’t think it is me. Unsatisfied with our lunch we headed to Brady Commons to check out their offerings. Not all that better haha. But the time spent with Geoff was great.

Speaking of which, we had a really great weekend, despite the fact that President Bush prevented me from hosting Geoff to a romantic, Italian, live music, dinner. Just another reason I will vote for John Kerry.

Seems to be the period of movies for my classes. The last three classes, less GaWotW, have all been movies. In Antropology on Thursday (shit, I forgot we had class on Friday… Still, we had a movie Friday in Soc.. Along with a guest speaker), in Soc and Bio today. The Bio video was an HBO documentary on HIV/AIDS and how it effects the world. I was moved to teary eyes over the last three periods that we have been watching it. It would make me use protection and give up intravenous drugs haha.

Then off to Memorial Union in hopes of seeing G’Dawg (I really hate it when people use the first letter of your name and follow it with “‘Dawg”) but he was still in class.

Home, shower, sleep, so worthy of it I was (ok, so now I sound like Yoda)… i.e. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

Geoff was trying to sneak a peak at my entry before I finshed it. I better post it quickly!

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