No Updates for a While

So… I’m moving my blog from Dreamhost to Powweb.  I have been with Powweb for about four years and with Dreamhost, on my second.  Powweb seems to be more reliable and structured and will just workout better for me.

For many people, Dreamhost is a better option.  I love those guys and their business model, self owned and a green company.  Good job friends.

But, I cannot continue to pay for two hosts and like the system used at Powweb a bit more.  So, off to the new host.

While I’m doing this, tranfering 2gb’s of files and a MySQL database and my MX server (email) and most important, the domain, my site will not be updated, and possibly be down for a few hours or days (at the worst).

See you on the new host!

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