Ruby Tuesday Explodes

Now this is how you do viral marketing.

Ruby Tuesday announced a while ago that they were going to blow up one of their restaurants to show how they are committed to change, to becoming different from the rest of the American Family Dining restaurants on the landscape.

So, live cameras, live crowds, live explosions at a local Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

[flv:Ruby_Tuesday.flv 500 412]

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Only Ruby Tuesday still stands, the restaurant to the left, explodes.  It was put on YouTube and other video sharing sites as Ruby Tuesday’s demolition crew making a huge mistake.  Supposedly, they mistook the other restaurant as a Ruby Tuesdays because, well they all had turned into looking and feeling the same.  It fooled a ton of people, and still is.  In fact, Ruby Tuesday even put out a press release apologizing for blowing up the other restaurant!

This video has the internet a flood with excitement, while many people think Ruby Tuesday’s demolition crew was a bunch of idiots, they are at least thinking about Ruby Tuesdays and it appears to be working.  That’s what viral marketing is all about, getting people to talk about your product even if you have to trick them into doing so.

No one from Ruby Tuesday has admitted that it was a viral advertising campaign but, it is and I bet their marketing guy just got one heck of a fat raise.

Axe Body did a similar video viral campaign.  FAIL.  Sucked ass.  Oh well.  Can’t win them all.

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