Now You’re Speaking Sethanese

This afternoon, Callie and I disgust, oops, discussed why I should’nt converse with Seth, how he is a bad person for me, etc etc.  You know what?  He is the only person who called me today that instantly made me feel better.  I called Jena and Kayla but it was the call from Seth that really helped.

I wonder why I am so hopelessly in love with so many people.  Landon, Jim, Geoff, Seth… all in each their own ways, but in love, never-the-less.

Seth knew the words to say to make me feel better.  Whether or not he even knows how they made me feel…  Thank you so much Seth, I truly am lucky to have you in my life.  As miserable as you so often make me, there are these times when your heart shows, my birthday for instance.  Perhaps the best I’ve had.

I even had a good conversation about my brother, discussed me maybe moving to Massachusetts with him…  A wild idea but by golly, what an interesting one.  It actually has my wheels turning.  Of course who knows plus when would he be moving there and all?

Ah well, I am off to bed, watching Star Trek at Mike’s while I dog/house sit.  Sasha loves to annoy me, bite me, bark at me… but I can’t complain, she is way to freaking cute.  Muah to Sasha haha, eeeeeeeeeeew, wet kiss!  Reminds me of the good times I had living here…

2 thoughts on “Now You’re Speaking Sethanese

  1. Wow huge mistake Justin! Don’t take any advice from Callie most of her dates/boyfreinds look like she found them in a shelter! In other news I discovered yet another awesome coffee shop, Diedrich Coffee, its a chain thing I think but really good…So many coffee options! I ought to become a professional coffee taster…

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