Off to Saudi Arabia

I am frantically typing this out before I am called to my flight to Frankfurt. I can’t believe I haven’t kept you guys up to date with where I am going, especially since where I am going is incredibly cool and super exciting.

Details will be kept out for now since I have about 2 minutes. But I’m about to fly to Saudi Arabia. This trip has the makings to be the best trip I’ve yet made to the Middle East! So much to share, just not now.

2 thoughts on “Off to Saudi Arabia

  1. laurenkilbergĀ Thanks! So far I’ve made it to Frankfurt without any troubles. Well, once I got on the plane all my troubles were behind me. There was a period of time that I apparently had no boarding pass to my name and was going to have to pay $200 to have my bag. YIKES! All that is fixed now šŸ˜€

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