Oh, am I Pissed

This morning, while shaving, I noticed swelling near my right ear. Upon closer inspection I noted that the lymph node near my ear was swollen. It was about 200% the size it should be. My eye was looking no better, still swollen, bloodshot and aching.

I asked Target if I could go see my own doctor in Guerneville but was informed that I had to go to one of their approved doctors. Sutter Health at Work was where they sent me.

Hell broke loose.

The doctor refused to honor my right to privacy as he insisted on conducting my examination in the middle of the lobby with his secretary chatting bullshit to him. When I asked for a private room, the two of them laughed. The excuse that it was only the two of them was thrown out. I just stared as they laughed at me. So much for the Patient Privacy forms I had just signed.

As a patient, I have the right to privacy. If my privacy, that of myself, my condition or my treatment; is not provided, I have the right to sue the doctor. I also have the right to sue the secretary. I can also sue Sutter Health at Work, the doctor and the secretary (both again) for sending the results of my exam to Target without my written approval.

But we have not yet gotten into the doctor’s “findings”. He first did not believe there was anything wrong. He claimed the eyes looked more or less the same. He took my glasses as we walked, finally, into an examination room. Asked me if I was still wearing my contacts. I told him that obviously I was not wearing them, A) because I had an eye infections and B) because I had been wearing glasses till he took mine. I stumbled into the office, those of you who really know me should realize how hard this must have been, me being more or less blind without contacts/glasses.

He put drops into my eyes without telling me what he was doing. He did not tell me what the drops were for or ask if it was ok to put them in. With the fluorescein and black lights he gasped at the scratches on my cornea. Later he said nothing was wrong, an acute infection and gave me gentimiacin.

He told me that there were no lymph nodes at the place on my face, the preauricular area. News flash, there are three lymph nodes there. The one in question is the parotid. What causes it to swell? Secondary infections from the upper face area.

Then I went to work…

Melissa did not schedule someone to relieve me for my break so I had to work through it. Then I had to close on my own. Some bastards, who work for Target, came to me at 8:55 (we close at 9) and ordered over twenty (20) Frapiccinos. I did not get out of work until around 10:40. Five minutes longer and I would have gotten strike one of two… after two strikes you are fired. I would have gone passed my “fifth hour” without a lunch. This was not my fault.

I almost quit tonight. They do not pay me enough for what I do, not nearly enough. I love the people I work with but I just don’t know that I will be able to continue like this.

I missed one hour of work today and eight hours of work on Sunday. By law, I am entitled to at least 2/3 of lost income since it was a work-related accident.

I am also entitled to select whatever doctor I want. I do not have to take their doctor, which is not what Target told me this morning.

I am going to talk to the human relations director, Emily, and tell her what is on my mind.

I will not be treated this way.

I cried after the doctors appointment and I cried after work. That is not right.

Do not try to pull the wool over my good eye, I will fucking rip you in two.

Jenny knows what I mean…

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