Oh California, Silly!

So California really likes to play games with its residents. For shizzle!

That is just plain evil haha.

Yesterday was a nine hour shift at work. It was the longest I have worked there yet, but was fun. I love the ppl I work with, they are so nice and so funtastic.

Landon sent me pictures of Euro Pride, it looked awesome. I am totally going to Brazil next year, who’s up for it?

Seth and I have been hanging out like clothes on a line. It is so much fun, so wonderful. Yay for people like him.

I am so more impressed with him each day. Yesterday he told me he decided to dabble with a self portrait… He warned that it was only the base painting and that it would look a lot better once he was done…

Whatever! It already looks incredible. I seriously need to get copies of all his works. They are vivid representations of powerful emotion, indescribable with words. (that sounded too corny haha)

Tomorrow I am off from work, yay! We are going to a friend’s bar-b-que birthday party. Last night was a little party down fourth street, a “Divorce” themed party haha. It was pretty fun, short but fun. I did not get home from work till around 11:00 so I did not make it there till around 12:30.

I work only the early afternoon on Monday so who knows, maybe we will be able to make it to some fun gathering for the fourth celebrations.

Back to the laundromat to dry my clothes. Best wishes you all. Hmmm, the gym sounds delicious…

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