Oh My Aching…


We left off with me heading to school. Let’s see, what else?

I am totally loving James Blunt, this song is entitled, You’re Beautiful. Give it a listen.

I had my first vocal recital today. It was not the actual real-deal but close enough. I did really well, I was really excited. Plus I am officially a tenor. The professor said that “any choir director would be thrilled to have me”. Of course she was probably just being nice, but that won’t stop me from letting it go to my head haha. wink wink

Leaving that class, I caught the eye of a real hottie haha. He looked at me, smiled and kept walking. I could’nt think of anything except that he looked like Geoff… like a twin. I took a picture, of course he was walking away from me but…

It was frightening, but… nice.

I also saw some crazy walking/dancing/marching/clapping going on by one profressor and all of her students. Quite the sight.

Hard to really see the action there but, meh.

At Aroma’s the other day, I caught this guy in my camera.

He reminded me of Seth, same style in clothes but totally different look beyond that. But yeah, reminded me of Seth… good story right? Seth would probably ask me to repeat it haha, he always pointed out my pointless stories, they are so lame haha.

I absolutely hate my new rental car. I will never buy a Hondai, however you spell it. A total peice of crap, just in case you were wondering.

Course, Enterprise is’nt the brightest company, way to put your safe right by the door… smart move!

I might be getting a roommate to keep me company. A fabulous gal from work! She is like a total rockstar in my book of people that rock like stars but don’t play guitars… oh god, that was painful, i apologize.

Well, off to do some homework and then get sleep so I can do it again tomorrow.

I get to train a new employee tomorrow. He is a model, growl, and a minor, whimper. I need some non-minors to be hired so I don’t have to work so much. Closing every night is killing me.

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