Oh, My Head!

I have had these terrible headaches for a few weeks now. I have had two seizures. I am doing great in my classes and work is going as good as could be expected. I’m still single but not alone. I lost my Ultimate Ears headphones and then found them. I lost my Armani jacket and later found it in a computer lab. I tried out for an a cappella group and got called back. I sang again at callbacks and got into the group. Last night I had a bunch of friends, old and new, over. We drank and talked and have a great time. I hung out with my a cappella group, Mizzou Forte, and had a fantastic time. I’m really tired and disoriented. I’m using idiotic intensifiers. I love the new Facebook News Feed. I feel on the verge of a panic attack but I’m actually quite happy. I’m unhappy still that I’m single. There are guys I like, I see them and feel this thing in my stomach that tells me to confront them. I can’t. I don’t even have time for it right now. I just like having my friends around. That’s all I really need, right? I need to open this up and write more, get you guys in touch with my life. I have been a badblogger, but mostly I’ve just been super extra busy.

2 thoughts on “Oh, My Head!

  1. You are not a bad blogger, and I love you more than I love the new news feed on facebook. ANd I really like the news feed.

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