Oh No! MacBook Pro!

I’ll get some pictures posted later but here’s the short, sad news.

July 6th, I went to the Apple Store to get a new, better suited, laptop/camera bag.  I wanted something that held my laptop more securely than my Tamrac bag.  I picked out this great Incase bag, tried my laptop in it, tried it with the camera too, fantastic.

Put my laptop back into my Tamrac bag, put my camera in my Tamrac bag, zipped everything up and then headed to the checkout.


My laptop fell out of my bag!  Just as I was buying a new one, a new one being purchased because I feared this would happen.

The laptop screen was cracked, the side of the computer bent up.  Even the top of the computer has some hills and valleys in the aluminum.  I was very sad.

After my four insurance policies denied coverage (what the f*ck) I finally decided to buy a new one today.

The purchase was complicated, card was marked for fraud, Apple Specialist Mark forgot to add the free iPod Touch/photo printer… But in the end everything worked out.  I was told by a couple of Apple Stores and Apple.com that they could add the iPod Touch/Printer on my original receipt when I get to my store in Houston.

I bought the top of the line 15″ MacBook Pro with the 512mb video ram.  It’s so beautiful, so pretty, so fast, so awesome.  I haven’t decided what to do with my old MacBook Pro, sell it, turn it into a desktop (if the computer portion still works)… who knows.

Meanwhile, I have a new, even better, computer so hooray for everything working out, even if it did cost me $2,400 more than I had expected to spend on my vacation.

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3 thoughts on “Oh No! MacBook Pro!

  1. I plan to sell it at a discount haha. Need the money for more important things, ya know? Why, you looking for an iPod Touch 8GB in sealed box, brand new and at a discount? haha

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