Oh, No You Didn’t

We all are aware of my recent order of a 24″ iMac and Nikon D80, no?

How about these biscuits.

I go to TigerTech to check on the status of my order and they say to me, “Oh, yes, your computer arrived three days ago.  We have called you but just get your voicemail”.

No way, I have gotten no calls and no voicemails.

Well anywho, I go to pick it up and as we are checking out they tell me they can’t find my financing form.  Well of course they can’t, I never filled one out!  They tell me to fill one out and in two or three days (business) I will get approved and I can pickup my computer.

Nope, then they see that I have been a student here for a few years and now I have to get a letter from my adviser stating that I will be at Mizzou for two more years.  But there is more and turns out I probably won’t get approved.  At all.

So I now have to scrounge up $2899 for the computer, $1399 for the camera and $400 in software.  $4,600.  Not really wanting to drop $4,600 just like that.

So let’s hope I can find the money.  I have it, I just don’t want to spend it.  I was planning on spreading this out over four payments, way more doable.

Oh well.

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