Oh Shit, Major Accident, Murder? What?

I was driving out this evening around 11:30 to Santa Rosa for a party. I saw an 80’s Jeep pulled over by a police car. The police car was using its warning lights (yellow) instead of the red and blue lights. As I passed the car I noticed the officer leaning over his hood. I thought me might be writing directions or something for the Jeep passengers.

On the way home, now 3:00am, I see a car on the road, just the running lights on. It is the same Jeep, driving with its lights turned off, and driving really slow.

About a mile up the road I see flashing lights, three police cars, two firetrucks and glass all over the road. The police car was in the same place but the jeep was gone (obviously as I saw it up the road). The amount of glass and its path from the scene was incredible. It was all the way into the grass on my side of the road and its spread spectrum was really wide, like an explosion.

I taped the site, since a photo would not come out all that well at night time, plus I was driving.

About a mile later I see more flashing lights. An ambulance is heading towards the scene, plus a vehicle with lights but they were’nt turned on. I tried to take a photo of this but it totally did not come out.

So I guess I just watch the news and look for some news on this. Meanwhile, how weird is it? Fucking crazy if you ask me.

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