Ok, so I just got a promo video for the new Charlotte Church…

What the hell?! That really is Charlotte Church, and why I am so turned on by her beauty, I am really scared about her career choice. The new cd, coming out soon (not that soon…) is a mix of rock and motown. In otherwords, it is Kelly Clarkson.

I watched the video and thought, Kelly Clarkson. What is she doing here? I will of course buy her new cd as soon as I can, but strictly because I am curious. I have loved her work in the past, but this is scaring me. Yes, Sarah Brightman, the devine diva, started off in a gothrocktechno band and became one of the greatest opera singers of our time. However, her voice is far and away better than Charlotte’s. I just hope Miss Church can make it work.

The song sounded good enough, but not far enough from Kelly Clarkson, of all people. Seriously, if I could show you the video I would. Sadly it requires a pin number to authorize and I am not supposed to send it out… You can get it yourself though if you want. It should be on her webpage.

Anyways, just got the news and unsure of what to think. I am making too much a deal outta this, I know, but I was just listening to her greatest hits (Prelude) and then this…

Well, at least she looks great!

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