One More Reason Mizzou Sucks

Has this ever happened before finals?  Do we ever have hot guys and girls running around campus in nothing but their skivvies?  I see now why Joseph went to ASU, good choice my man, good choice.

[flv:ASU_Strip.flv 550 310]

I want to transfer.  Warm weather, clear skies, an Urban Outfitters, real clubs and best of all… half naked students running through campus.  Fierce.

No one has this much fun during finals week.

3 thoughts on “One More Reason Mizzou Sucks

  1. See, I’d want to go clothes shopping there! lol. 🙂

    (And you knoooow Mizzou doesn’t suck. Hey, it took that first guy to take off his top and run … be that man… 🙂

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