One of those Days that Seem to Never End

Goodness, today just kept going on, all the way into tomorrow. Once I left Aroma Roasters, everything seemed to be in slow motion. No joke, I thought I was going crazy! I kept leaving for my lunch break only to learn I had been at work for only one hour, three hours, finally four hours.

I took my lunch with Shannon. We sat on a bench and talked, it was so pleasant. George came by, I gave him a hug, he was crying. I love this boy so much, I hate to see him sad. I sure hope he and I can get some time to talk to each other about it.

I have a lot of maintenance to take care of… just realized that. I better get onto it! Starting tomorrow actually, I hope.

Well, I have a headache and need some sleep. Plus I started taking this medicine that REALLY restricts when I can eat food and if I stay awake another moment, I will have to eat (soooo hungry). If I eat, I will get icky side effects from the medicine so let’s just not eat, right? haha.

Columbia is getting closer! I can’t wait to see everyone!

p.s. Regina Spektor’s Chemo Limo made me cry as I walked to my car at Macy’s (where the shuttle goes for school). I cried like a little baby. Regina Spektor, please come out with a new cd. Make me laugh and cry, I live for music like yours.

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