Only Time?

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OnlyT Time

So I am just turning into someone else right now. Let’s stop that, just sleep on things, they will work themselves out, it always happens right? So, while you can feel sorry for me with the last two posts, you can also just realize that things are shit right now but eventually they will be clean.

Life is like an unflushed toilet. Such little effort, or in the case of the new fancy ones, no effort, can flush away all the crap on your plate, errr, in your bowl.

I love it!

(Can me make Chinese proverbs without be Chinese? Me think that being Chinese.)

One thought on “Only Time?

  1. I am glad you wrote this post to counter the others. I know it is a rough time but you will get through it…you are a strong person and with introspection (man I love that word, sorry I use it so much) and help from your friends (aka me!) I know you will make it!
    Very nice work on the Chinese proverb…look forward to seeing more in future posts!

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