OSX 10.5.3 Major Gmail/Address Book Glitch

So I synchronized my Address Book in Leopard with my Google contact list, a new feature in OSX which came out with 10.5.3.

Unfortunately, it was a hot tranny mess.

My Address Book went from 435 people to 510 people to 47 people to 78 people… I have managed, thanks to Time Machine, to get my contacts back in order.  Except in Gmail.

Here’s where I am now.  Look left.  Sad face.

Now, I like Jim, I mean, I love???????? ????? ???????? Jim, a whole whole lot.  But damn girl, you are taking over my Gmail Contact List.

Let’s get this thing fixed Steve.

I even setup .Mac Sync to do a reset so that future syncs wouldn’t cause the same problems again but… no good.  I am hoping this time around I won’t have that trouble.

Other than that… I’m not sure what I think of of the newest rendition of Leopard.  I would like to see some more dramatic changes.

Oh well, whatever, right now I’m enraptured with the season finale of Ugly Betty and not only have they had a hilarious cameo by Lindsay Lohan but now, none other than the fucking CRAZY Naomi Campbell.

Hil-fucking-larious.  Glad to see crazy people can make fun of themselves.

3 thoughts on “OSX 10.5.3 Major Gmail/Address Book Glitch

  1. Clearly your Apple hater filter is broken (see above comment as evidence). You really should fix that asap since you already made my page iPod Touchable! 🙂

    I had fun today. Thanks for the cosmo and candy and for being awesome and loaning me your Mac!

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