I am in such pain right now, medicine please work! Gah.

Off to the city tomorrow, staying at Seth’s for a few days to hang out with Jake and Brian (Let’s just call him Hot Hair!) from Columbia!!! Finally someone from Columbia is in San Francisco. I am so excited about seeing them, I am super excited.

I am also addicted to the television show, The Office. I have every episode through iTunes, slowing watching them all on my lunch breaks at work on my iPod Video. Love my iPod Video!

Dinner with Shannon tonight was so much fun. We had a bolla or something like that, basically a HUGE bowl of different alcohol. I don’t really drink anymore but occassionally I go bonkers hehe.

I got to work with Lacey again today, gosh geeze she makes me feel so good about life. I really enjoy her company.

Speaking of good company, hung out with Callie and Jennifer. Oh I love these girls. Callie, when will we learn??!?!?!! Gah, boys boys boys, they are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ok, time for sleep, once this episode of The Office is over. I think my dad would really enjoy this show.

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