Packing My Bags, I’m Ready to Go!

In just an hour and thirty minutes the bus will pick me up to bring me to the airport in St Louis.  From there I’ll fly to Washington DC, then to Paris France!  I’ll meet up with the family in Paris for Christmas, travel around the country to various friends’ for celebration, fun and catching up.   Then I’ll be off to Bahrain for New Years!  Really excited about that.  After Bahrain I’ll be jetting off to Saudi Arabia, exploring around the country, making photos, having an awesome time.

I am all sorts of excited about the trip and hope to keep you all informed of my adventures here and on my Twitter. Wanna help?  Leave me some suggested sites to visit in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Packing My Bags, I’m Ready to Go!

  1. Happy trails!

    If you’re flying through Dulles and have a long enough layover, make sure to hit the wine bar.

  2. I actually do have a layover at Dulles, thanks for the wine bar suggestion! I might just need a glass by then!

  3. It’s a bit cold this time of year, but climb the steps up to Sacre-Coeur and get one of the best views of Paris. Then the over to Montmarte where the artists set up their booths. It’s great (and less touristy) area of the city.

    Also there’s this great Italian restaurant just two blocks west of the Eiffel Tower along the river.

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