Palm Pre Ads are Creepy

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the Palm Pre advertisements hitting the airwaves.  The ones with the far too zen woman, turning her back on us while in her breathy voice she tells us about things such as jugglers in the park or traffic lights, with heavy caesuras.  The video itself looks as if Claude Monet himself was the director.  She’s creepy, she’s a touch too artificial and her philosophical ramblings scare the crap out of me, as they are.

What happens when it hits the Internet? A YouTuber mashes it up and make it creepier.

Yeah, Apple commercials might be a bit braggy or maybe even make us come off a little asshole-ish… but I’ve never been down right turned off or disturbed by an Apple advertisement.  Engadget has an interesting article up today discussing the making of these commercials with quotes from the marketing agency behind the whole deal.

Good luck winning a market share Palm.

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