Partying it Up Leslie Style

After Ryan’s concert, I picked up Leslie and we headed to a Prom Party. It was odd… college students dressed up for prom. Quite and interesting scene haha.

Leslie and I had another thought provoking conversation along with Joel H. It was wonderful. We hung around there till about 1:40 and pulled Dylan along with us to head off to the Toga Party.

The Toga Party was pretty weak when we got there, it picked up and then quickly died off. But that was good. Leslie and I got to talk and laugh over Patrick, Dylan and then some. It was great. We moved from the staircase to the Marissa’s apartment to watch, and join in on the dancing. Most of the people we did not know. Good times!

James was awesome. I am so sad that I am meeting all of these wonderful people and in just days and weeks we are all moving away from each other. Anyways, he is a great dancer and so full of life. He made me feel like I belonged and we really have only just met.

Leslie is a great dancer as well. She is so statuesque… I am quite jealous. They might not even be great dancers but to me they are, they have such confidence and authority on the dance floor.

Anyways, I have to more posts to make and then I am off to bed. Night night!

Ernie’s at 11:00 with new friends, w00t!


One thought on “Partying it Up Leslie Style

  1. Yeah for having fantastic time! New friends are always a wonderul thing. Look forward to hearing the whole story of the night! Muah!

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