Passing the Torch

So today, as I was leaving Plaza 900 where I had lunch with Becca and Lacinta, I passed Geoff and Matt walking, I presume, to Plaza 900 for their lunch. Geoff called to me asking me how I was doing and I was caught off guard. I feel bad because I kind of blew him off, I simply replied, “I’m fine, gotta go!” and continued my brisk walk towards Brady Commons where I was heading to meet up with another friend.

I would like to apologize for doing that to you. It is what people have told me I have to do, I have to get my distance from you but how can I do that when you work with me and we share a fraternity? I cannot afford to quit my job right now, as little money I get from it, it is all I get beyond immediate living expenses from my parents. If i want to buy something for myself, I am alone.

I don’t want to quit Acacia but it is a definite possibility.

Anyways, I want to hang out sometime and I want to be friends and I want to be happy, but you have to make the move and you have to do it alone. I cannot be happy hanging out with you and other people. I cannot be happy hanging out with you if you continue to bring up bad things, things of the past. I cannot do that stuff right now, the latter should never be done. Later, perhaps soon, we can share friends and hang out at parties together. We talked about this not long ago. I really want that, of course we also know what I really want and that is you as my boyfriend.

Bah, much love. Sorry for how I acted.


p.s. something i want to write but i won’t because i feel you will feel it was asshole’ish so i end with this…

come what may…

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