Peanut Butter Cups Have Chocolate…

Bah, so my day is already crazy.

I woke up at 9:00 but went back to bed and had a most amazing dream. To that in a minute. I woke up again at 10:33 which had me running a bit later. I got to class about 5 minutes early, so that was all good. We did group work, however my group sucked so I, as usual, had to do all of the work.

Then to my apartment because I forgot a book and my cellphone. I pick up my phone and get a message from a brother telling me that I forgot to turn in some papers… SHIT! So instead of doing homework and getting lunch, I have to fix the situation.

I ride my bike to Brady, make copies of the appropriate papers and turn them into Greek Life and everything is fine. But then I go to the bookstore (I have lost my French workbook) to purchase a book, again, and they are sold out. So I will not be able to do homework.

I go to my French teacher’s office and leave her a note explaining why I will not be turning in my homework and then back to Brady to get lunch. I bump into Jacqwi who gives me a hard time because I don’t hang out with her or with Erin anymore.

First off, I never really hung out with them. Secondly, they typically only “hang out” with me when they need computer help. Thirdly… don’t even get me started.

I then rush to the coffee house in Brady to get something to drink with sugar in it, I am running really low on sugar since I had to skip breakfast and lunch, and it is really catching up with me. I am shakey, sweaty, pale and freaking out. I order a Peanut Butter Cup Shake, a mistake I realize. The first shake, yes, there was more than one, started out nice, chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, ice and milk, he blends it up, for a little too long… and then tries to pour it.

Well, apparently he put too much ice and not enough milk or ice cream for the shake would not pour out. So he adds milk and then it is too milky, so he adds ice cream and it is this cyle for way too long. Finally it is finished and he is placing the lid onto the cup. Why he put all of his weight into it, I do not know.

He squished the cup which exploded onto him and the counter and just about everywhere, luckily I was an exception. It was followed by a loud “SHIT” from the employee. He then has a girl make one for me as he cleans up.

She puts vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate into the shake. I tell her she is doing it wrong and she says that she is not. So once it is finished, it is no longer a dark brown milkshake, it is a pale, tan milkshakes. It tastes like cardboard, but I really have no choice. If I don’t eat at least a little of it, I will get even more sick.

I swallow the liquified cardboard and rush to my class. Luckily my girl from my last political science class always sits next to me. She is a doll, I absolutely love her. Very pretty, quite young and really going places.

Anyways, I am in class so perhaps I should pay more attention to the lecture. We have a test next Friday which I am really not ready for. Anywho, I love you all, even you.


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