Penn and Teller Bullshit

So this is about my favorite show. Next to Huff, it is the best show I have seen on Showtime, and that includes Queer as Folk haha.

Jim and I are going to watch the episode on Family Values

There’s a hysteria in America. A hysteria about what’s become known as “the traditional family” and the desperate urgency to “save” it. And this rallying cry is not just coming from right wing conservatives and religious groups in the Red States (although, they’re doing their share of tub-thumping.) The media (advertisers) and the government also have a vested interest in perpetuating the traditional concept of family: mother, father, two kids, dog and picket fence. But this hysteria is ignoring a key fact…

The “traditional family” is bullshit.

The traditional family structure may be for some, but it isn’t for everyone. Shouldn’t we stop trying to jam square pegs into round holes? Isn’t it time for “Bullshit” to redefine the definition of “family?”

It is going to be so much fun and exciting, I just know it! Anyone else is welcome to join us.

Gotta run some errands, later loves.

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