Phantom, Breakups, Busy Times in CoMo

Woke up today, Landon came over, we drove Dave to UPlace, and then went to 9th St. Deli. It was quite good.

We took a nap, Landon and I for about an hour. It was so nice. SOOOO nice. Then he had to go do econ homework and I started my errands for the day.

I got a storage unit to move my stuff into, started figuring out my car and renters insurance renewals. I have to get a new license plate and tags and inspection for my car, yikes! I need to get that taken care of before I go to California. I also got an appointment with an advisor and with admissions. I talked to my grandmother and my dad and my mom and David.

David is going to California with me, just to ride. He will fly back to Texas. It will be so fun to road trip with him. Too bad he can’t stay all summer with me.

I have so much stuff do to! yikes

Jim and Ryan broke up yesterday. I really believe that it was for the best. I never really saw the spark between them that would be needed to make such different people work. They were great together and so adorable but with as many differences as they had, no amount of care could win the battle. They are both amazing people and will continue to be amazing people. The breakup seems to be a clean break with no real drama and that is beautiful and quite refreshing. I came out of a BAD BAD BAD breakup, actually I am still coming out of it. I am so proud of the decision the two of them made. It feels my with such joy how they handled the situation. I love them both so much.

Dave and Jim came over today. We went to Wal-Mart at mid-night to get Phantom of the Opera. We started watching it, I took a shower and walked in on Jim and Dave asleep. Jim was more or less awake but right now they are totally knocked out. They occasionally wake up but only for moments.

The movie is over but I am watching my favorite parts over again haha. I just love this movie. Something to listen to really loud haha.

Anyways, I have appointments really early in the morning so I should probably get some sleep.

Much love!


(i leave really soon! ahhhhhhhhh!)

2 thoughts on “Phantom, Breakups, Busy Times in CoMo

  1. I want to go to cali with you!!!! Are you coming to texas at all? I am going to houston may 11 and should be there till Aug. woohoo. Anyway if i can’t make it to cali this summer jeannie and are so there labor day weekend. Luv ya! xoxo

  2. I thought you needed to get up early? well early for you..haha….then why are you watching a movie at 1 in the morning?

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