Photo Booth Goodness, I’m Lazy

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I have had such a wasteful day. I feel incredibly unaccomplished. I woke up late for class, missing my first two, of four, classes. That is unacceptable.

I ate breakfast and prepared a snack pack that would supply me with high protein, low calorie foods until dinner time.

I dined on this little baggie of goodness during my French lab, eating in the computer lab, shhhh! The class was good, I always get nervous in French, it mostly just doesn’t make sense to me.

Went to my sociology class and hardly paid any attention to the lecture. This has become quite a problem for me in this class. Maybe it is the terrible professor? Let’s hope I can make myself a little more involved soon.

I bumped into Ian who asked me out to a late lunch. I of course said yes because I wanted to hang out with him, though I had not planned on eating for some while. Oh well, it was worth it.

Got my eyebrows waxed, Ian watched. Walked him to class and then headed home. Got home and started up on and researching things to buy… I got two little things for my parents, I cannot wait for them to arrive to them in the mail. I picked up two things for myself as well, equally excited for these two items. One is the Griffin FireWave and the other a 1gb Sandisk Extreme III Secure Digital card for my camera, which is still on back order. Boo to that.

I spent probably forty-five minutes debating on 1gb or 2gb, on 133x or 80x speed, on Sandisk or Lexar… There are far too many options out there and far too few sites that actually give good evidence on one product over the other. Size was recommended by a great camera site and the brand was decided by the $15 rebate on the Sandisk, and my history with the company. Another great resource for me was this website that had a megapixel calculator that would tell you the picture size in both RAW and JPEG and how much space each card size would provide me with my camera. Exactly what I had been looking for.

I then spent like an hour looking at microphones. I want to start up a podcast again and I also want to dabble in recording me singing. I am thinking a Samson USB mic, CO1U or a CO3U. I was buying the CO1U… and then I thought, $79?! I could better spend this money somewhere else. I am going to wait on a microphone, get some recommendations. I am thinking that USB would best suite me since I don’t really want to buy a preamp and a microphone, too much money. These got great reviews so…

I should be working out or studying or doing homework right now but instead I am here. Boo! With that I am going to head out of here.

Much love,


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